Possible SAGA downtime 2021-04-28

UPDATE, 2021-04-27: As expected and hoped, there was no need for the downtime, so we have now removed the maintenance reservation. Jobs will start as normal. The expansion is progressing fine, and we hope to be able to put the new nodes into production this week.

Saga will be expanded with new compute nodes in week 17 (April 26. — 30.). According to the vendor, there should not be a need for a stop during the expansion, but in case it turns out that we will have to stop Saga, we will have the stop at Wednesday April 28. at 08:00.

We have set up a maintenance reservation of all of Saga starting 2021-04-28 at 08:00, so that we will not have to cancel running jobs, if we need to stop Saga. This means that submitted jobs with an end time after this slot will be held back. The reservation will be removed as soon as we know that there will be no stop.