Betzy filesystem issue

Dear Betzy cluster users:

We are experiencing I/O problem on Betzy filesystem. The filesystem usage is around 73%, but some filesystem servers are more than 90% full. This causes IO slowness, inconsistent performance, and Lustre disconnects. The following directories are affected: /cluster/shared, /cluster/projects, and /cluster/work. To keep the usage down and improve the IO performance and stability on Betzy we ask all users to remove unneeded data from those directories.

We are working on moving the data between different disk pools, which will hopefully fix the IO issues. The challenge with that is that the moved data has to be guaranteed unused (files unopened) during the process. We are looking into doing this while in production. If this is not possible, we will have to call for an emergency maintenance stop.

We will keep you updated.

Update 04.07.2022 12:30: We manage to balance filesystem usage over the last two weeks, so I/O problems should be resolved, please contact us if you encounter any problem with I/O on Betzy