Deletion of data from work folder on Betzy

Due to a completely full filesystem on Betzy, we have had to resort to changing the age limit on data in the work folder on Betzy. We are now deleting all data that is older than 17 days from the work folders. This problem will persist until we have the nev NIRD up in production. Hopefully we will not have to further move the limit, but be aware that data in the work folder is not backed up, and could potentially be deleted at any point. Important data should therefore be moved to either your home directory or a project folder.

X2Go replaces TigerVNC on Fram

X2Go will replace the current VNC solution on Fram. TigerVNC will remain usable until 01.03.23 when it will be shut down. Currently, X2Go is available on login-2 and login-3, while TigerVNC remains available on login-1 until 01.03.23.

All VNC users must therefore switch to X2Go before this date. Documentation can be found here: