NIRD: file system problems

Dear NIRD user,
We have had serious problems with the GPFS file systems this afternoon and had to stop the storage and all the services.

The NIRD storage and the NIRD-toolkit are now back online.
Please notify the metacenter support if you notice any remaining issues.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 10:00 24.02.2020 :  We still have problem with Nird mount points on Fram, we are working on the problem, we will keep users posted here.

Update 10:45 24.02.2020:  Problem with Nird mount point on Fram is resolved.

NIRD and service platform downtime on Thursday 22nd of August.


  • 2019-08-26 12:45: NIRD project areas are mounted on Fram login nodes.
  • 2019-08-25 14:15:Service Platform is up now, you can login now to NIRD and access your files.
    NIRD project areas will be reconnected to Fram tomorrow.
  • 2019-08-23 18:42: Vendor started a forced health check on the system which is taking more time then expected. We will re-open access to NIRD and Service Platform as soon as checks and rebuilds are finished.
  • 2019-08-23 08:05: Storage vendor has finished the hardware replacements and installation of new firmware on the storage system.
    We are currently monitoring the storage system together with the vendor.

Dear NIRD and Service Platform users,

We have a planned downtime on the 22nd of August, to replace some defective hardware. Systems will be taken offline starting from 08:00AM.

Engineer from storage vendor will assist us from the very first hour.

We expect the maintenance to finish in one and a half day.

NIRD projects will still be accessible during the maintenance

from but in read-only mode.

Will keep you updated here.

Sorry for the short notice.

Metacenter Operations