NIRD-TRD maintenance

We need to do a cable replacement on NIRD-TRD Thursday. 10.11.2022. The system will be partly unavailable for a short period of time. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

The maintenance stop will start at 10:00

We will update you as soon as the system is back in production.

Update 10.11.22 – 12:38

NIRD-TRD is back in production, there is still some work going on in the background and until this is done some files in projects stored at NIRD-TRD can be inaccessible until this is done.

A rebuild of storage is running in the background and will continue throughout next week. As a user, you should not be affected, but we apologize for any performance issues that could occur.

– Infrastructure Team

Saga Maintenenace Downtime 18th-19th February 2021

Dear Saga user. We need to schedule a small downtime of Saga from Thursday 18th February 2021 starting at 08:00, until Friday 19th February 2021, ending at 16:00. If maintenance is finished earlier, we will also open up the machine earlier.

During the maintenance, we will continue the work we started in early december and connect the new storage expansion to the system, and make it available for general use. This will give us several Petabyte extra for project storage and other usage..

We apologize for the inconvenience

Downtime for NIRD-TOS (including toolkit) and Fram 2nd November- 6th November

We will have downtime the following week to try again to replace all internal cables in NIRD-TOS and Fram storage systems.

NIRD-TOS (Including the toolkit) will be down from 08:00 Monday 2nd November to wednesday 4th 12:00

Fram will be down from Wednesday 4th 08:00 until Friday 6th 12:00

There is still a chance that the downtime will not happen, but proper notification will be given in the opslog. Unfortunately the current situation with Covid-19 makes it difficult to make detailed plans.

We apologize for any inconvenience.