Reduced capacity on Fram, 2nd February 2023 due to maintenance on cooling units

Dear Fram user. We need to push the maintenance on the FRAM cooling system until the second of February due to some unexpected internal complications from the service vendor. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

While the maintenance is ongoing there will be reduced capacity on available compute nodes.

X2Go replaces TigerVNC on Fram

X2Go will replace the current VNC solution on Fram. TigerVNC will remain usable until 01.03.23 when it will be shut down. Currently, X2Go is available on login-2 and login-3, while TigerVNC remains available on login-1 until 01.03.23.

All VNC users must therefore switch to X2Go before this date. Documentation can be found here:

Backup of Fram and Betzy project areas stopped


Because the file system used to store Fram and Betzy project area backups on Saga is full, we have had to stop any further backup of Fram and Betzy project areas. (I.e., /cluster/projects/nnXXXXk on Fram and Betzy).

Already backed up files are still stored, but no new or changed files will be backed up.

The backup will be re-enabled when enough data has been migrated from Saga to the new NIRD storage.

Deletion of data from work folder on Betzy

Due to a completely full filesystem on Betzy, we have had to resort to changing the age limit on data in the work folder on Betzy. We are now deleting all data that is older than 17 days from the work folders. This problem will persist until we have the nev NIRD up in production. Hopefully we will not have to further move the limit, but be aware that data in the work folder is not backed up, and could potentially be deleted at any point. Important data should therefore be moved to either your home directory or a project folder.

Updated job statistics in slurm-NNN.out

[2023-01-10 15:40]

We have now updated the job statistics that is printed at the end of the slurm-NNN.out files. The output is updated on Saga and Fram, and will be updated on Betzy shortly.

We hope the new output is more readable, understandable and usable.

It is possible to get the same output on the terminal with the command jobstats -j <jobid> (note: this only works for jobs that are finished). The jobstats command also has a –verbose switch which will produce more detailed output, hints and comments (this will be expanded as time goes).

We have tested the changes on all clusters, but errors can happen, so if you spot any errors and/or missing output in your jobs, please let us know.

Betzy filesystem full

multiple storage server on Betzy is 100% full, and it is not possible to work with filesystem right now.
Due to this problem we have put reservation to whole Betzy cluster so that new jobs will not be able to run.
We will remove reservation as soon as we cleaned up filesystem usage.