Authentication problems

Minor incident Storage Services NIRD Service Platform Research Data Archive easyDMP
2023-04-25 17:33 CEST · 20 hours, 46 minutes



Feide support has found the problem and solved it.
Access with guest users is working again.

April 26, 2023 · 14:17 CEST

The Feide team found what they believe is the root cause of these issues and are now deploying a fix to production.

We will do some tests before resolving this incident to ensure that everything is working.

April 26, 2023 · 13:38 CEST

Feide has confirmed that they have issues with OpenIdP and is currently looking into it.
This incident also affects authentication to our Research Data Archive and easyDMP using OpenIdP.

Logging in using Feide from your organization works as expected.

April 26, 2023 · 11:15 CEST

We are currently experiencing problems to login to the NIRD-toolkit
when using guest users accounts (openidp feide).

We have contacted the feide support.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

April 25, 2023 · 17:33 CEST

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